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26 January, 2023

Winners of the Second Edition of the Capa Foundry International Sculpture Contest

The jury composed of:

Elena Blanch, Sculptor and Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University
Complutense of Madrid.

José Luis Calleja, Manager of Center Madrid Cosentino. (Representing Santiago
Alfonso, Vice President of Marketing and Communication of Grupo Cosentino, Eduardo
Martínez Cosentino, Commercial Director of Grupo Cosentino Iberia)

Anne Barthe, Director of the Marlborough Gallery in Madrid.

Manuel Romana, Doctor Engineer, Professor at the ETSI Roads, Canals and Ports and
Deputy Director of Professor, Research and International Relations at ETSI

David Rodríguez Caballero, sculptor and international artist.

Diego Canogar, sculptor and international artist.

Elena Galicia, sculptor of work in small, medium and monumental format.

Fernando Capa, General Director Capa Esculturas, as President.

Rubén Lavado, Commercial Director Capa Esculturas, as Secretary.

Ricardo Santonja, Dr. in Architecture, I + D + ART. Professor at the ETSAM UPM, as
Secretary met yesterday, September 23rd, 2021 to make the selection among the 255 works presented, the following works being awarded:

• First prize: Work: “La danza del viento“, author: Odnoder=Pablo Redondo, a reproduction of the work, maximum dimension of 1.20 meters, valued at 7000 €.

• Second prize: Work: “Espina” author: Eduardo Cercos, a reproduction of the work, maximum dimension 1.00 meter, valued at 5000 €.
• Third prize: Work: “Situaciones”, author: Jesús Díaz Pacheco, a reproduction of the work, maximum dimension 0.90 meter, valued at 3000 €.

• Cosentino Special Prize: Work: “Untitled”, author: Sharon Brill a reproduction
of the work, made with Cosentino materials, maximum dimension 0.90 meters,
valued at 3000 €.

With 255 works presented, the second edition of the Capa Foundry International Sculpture Contest had a 46% increase in participation compared to the first edition.

The purpose of the contest is, through a sculptural project in any of the chosen scales, to bring sculpture closer to society as it has been done in photography, this being part of the urban space, landart, interior design, and collecting. In short, the sculpture must communicate with the human being, and its creations can be made through foundries such as the Capa Foundry.

The Capa Foundry, with the union of the I + D + ART philosophy, established the objective of this II Edition to bring innovation and new creation techniques closer to both established sculptors and those who start this sculpture adventure and to be able to give them a new way of creation with the technology that the Capa Foundry can contribute in the 21st century.

The Capa foundry thanks all those present for their effort and participation and will soon begin with enthusiasm the preparation of the Third Edition of the Capa Foundry International Sculpture Contest that will be held next year.