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Incremental sheet forming

12 March, 2020

The investment made in R&D has allowed us to be pioneers in the application of new technologies to the development of any type of work: artistic, sculptural, furniture, architectural, etc.

With ISF (Incremental sheet forming) we can get organic forms starting from a sheet of metal. This helps us to reduce costs.

As an example: imagine a paper sheet, we could bend it in a single axis; We could not cover a small ball perfectly, as we know, we would have wrinkles. On the other hand, if we talked about what happens in a notching process, we could manage to make a half sphere because we would only work radially, getting spherical bulges.

Within our research and continuous development we have achieved something different and attractive with our ISF machine, such as working the sheet by deforming it multidirectionally, which allows us to have a range of possibilities for unique pieces and complex works.




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